Ankh-Hermes is the leading esoteric publishing company in the Netherlands. We publish about 60 new titles and 60 reprints a year. Our backlist includes about 800 titles. Although the Netherlands is a small country, the Dutch are known to be very keen readers and Dutch authors are very active in developing new ways in the realm of spirituality.
Successful Dutch authors are: Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld (1 title, 86.000 copies), Jaap Huibers (35 titles, total 350.000 copies sold), Dr. Moolenburgh (2 titles, 50.000 copies sold), Jacob Slavenburg (15 titles, total of 70.000 copies sold).
About half of our books are original Dutch titles and the other half are translations, mostly of English, German and sometimes French books. Translation rights of many of our titles have been sold to England, U.S.A., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia. Therefore, we are interested in buying and selling rights.

Origin and name

The company started as N. Kluwer in 1923 as a part of the publishing company Æ.E. Kluwer, founded in 1889 (now known as Wolters Kluwer). After becoming independent in 1971 we changed the name and turned it into ANKH-HERMES.
The name Ankh is from the Egyptian hieroglyph which stands for eternal life, soul and mirror. It also contains N. Kluwer’s initials NK. HERMES was a Greek half-god who mediated between the Gods on the Olympus and men: a task this company sometimes also sees as their duty. Hermes gave mankind the alphabet, numbers, music, sports and the art of healing.


Ankh-Hermes has the intention to help people in their process of acquiring wisdom, self-awareness and insight by offering inspiring books on all levels, not based on any specific religion or doctrine. Books on all levels of being – spiritual, mental and physical – which can be helpful in the individual process of transcending from ego-self to higher Self.


We cover a wide range of subjects in the three afore mentioned fields:

  1. Spiritual
    Eastern and western wisdom/religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, the Vedas, Confucius, Lao Tze, Zen, Kabbalah, Christianity, Gnosis, Egypt – esoterics/spirituality: meditation, prayer, consciousness, reincarnation, spiritual growth, near death experiences etc. – New Age: channelling, dolphins, nature
  2. Mental
    (para)psychology – NLP — astrology – spiritual management – hypnosis – inner child – dreams
  3. Physical
    yoga – acupuncture – acupressure – aromatherapy – energies – reflexology – herbs – massage – Bach flower remedies – ayurveda – tantra – shiatsu – T’ai Chi – Feng Shui – diet – chakras – crystals – colour healing – Angel healing – and other recent developments in natural healing

Ankertjes series

In the seventies we started a very successful series called Ankertjes, booklets measuring 9,5 x 19,5 cm., retail price aprox. $ 5.-, which serve as an introduction to a diversity of popular subjects. They also are in a sense appetizers to more comprehensive books on these subjects. We published over 250 titles in this series!

Logos series

A new series with popular/scientific titles on a religious/philosophical field with a clear relation to the roots of western culture.

Children of the new millennium

At the moment we are developing a new series on ‘children of the new millennium’, as children of the present time often have spiritual experiences and require a different approach from parents and teachers.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Emy ten Seldam on the address mentioned below:

ANKH-HERMES Publishers
Emy ten Seldam
P.O. Box 125, 7400 AC Deventer
Smyrnastraat 5, 7413 BA Deventer
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 570 678911 (direct line)
Fax +31 570 624632
e-mail: [email protected]
Internet: www.ankh-hermes.nl

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